“The thirst for knowledge increases with the acquisition of it”
– Thomas Carlyle.



About me

A Passionate Doer!

myname.is/harish. I am from Vijayawada, India. I recieved a couple of Master Degrees froms world’s top universities in Asia and Europe. I’m currently pursuing another Master’s program here in USA. I performed the roles of a QA analyst, DBA and web developer in the industry. I have 3 years of work and freelance experience in the areas of database management, SQL, HP LoadRunner, Selenium, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, C, Java and UX Engineering.

My current college

Why did I choose it?

Apart from my skills and expertise, my willingness and deep interest to perform a study related to computer networks, DBMS and web development has motivated me to join New England College. Excellent reputation of New England College coupled with its rich culture of academic excellence, state of art facilities, highly prolific environment and also the opportunities for education, research and industrial outreach in the field of computer information systems has motivated me to pursue my study at this college. I believe that the program offered will help me to devote myself to the pursuit of absolute knowledge, acquire the versatility needed to reach my full potential as a thorough professional and at the same time contribute significantly to the ongoing co-curricular academic activity in this field. By joining this college, I look forward to achieve my long term goal of becoming a successful software professional in a challenging work environment and give my best to the organization that employed me. It would therefore be a privilege to continue pursuing my graduate studies here at NEC and graduate for the third time here in North America.

Experience with programming

Coding is doing cool!

I own 50% of a web development and design company Widesign Interactive Private Limited in India. Our Trade portal is online at Hut4net.com. I consult for major operations and sales of the company and now remain an advisor for our startup team. I have good amount of skills and hand-on experience with Javascript (JQuery), PHP, SQL. I’m practicing Nodejs and AngularJs and willing to expand my skillset around them.

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